Photon Sources for Cyber Security, Quantum Computing & Science

Miniaturized Entangled Photon Source – HDv0.1

Our first version of the HD product line will be a miniaturized polarization entangled photon source with more than one million entangled photon pairs at ~780 nm and ~840 nm wavelength. The plug & play compatible design will have a fidelity above 97% and a footprint of approximately 10 cm x 8 cm. Customized solutions with other wavelengths are available upon request. We are also happy to manufacture systems including the pump laser.

Solutions for Space – Space EPS

As one of our core products we offer space-tested light sources for the generation of entangled photons. Based on a Sagnac interferometer design, our sources will  deliver polarization entangled photons with a rate of up to ten million photon pairs per second at wavelengths of ~780 nm and ~840 nm. The the state fidelity will be in the range of 97% till 99%.

For the space-suitable design of our source, a compact, high-precision, thermo-mechanically stable platform has been selected. Our core technology covers the effective integration and deterministic assembly algorithms to achieve highest accuracies.